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Thanks to a tweet from the game's official Twitter account Thursday afternoon, we have an answer. Latest Patch Notes · Official ARK Wiki · NIGHT MODE NORMAL. Filters News PostsDiscussion PostsBug ReportsImage PostsVideo PostsRoleplay PostsTribe PostsSuggestion PostQuestion Posts. The new Ark Survival Evolved update 1.

Added new FPV animation for climbing ladders. Tek Cave door now stays open longer in singleplayer. Obelisk now has an ambient sound. Wild Manta aggro range decreased. Eurypterid spawn numbers increased by 50%. Increased levels of cave creatures. Improved rain particle VFX. Greatly reduced the Element cost of running the Tek Generator. Removed the Element cost for using the Tek Teleporter. Bred dinos now properly indicate who they were raised by on their tooltip. Fixed Corpse Locator not locating the players inventory bag. Fixed Corpse Locator issue where the beam would be set at an off-angle.

Fixed Corpse Locator issue where the beam would not work properly underwater. Fixed multiple creature LODs to look better at a distance. Fixed move-around-blockade to work properly, allowing creatures to move around geometry rather than sliding off of it. Fixed exploit where the Tuso could reach through terrain. Fixed issue where the player would open inventories when dismounting a creature.

Ark: Survival Evolved Update v256 Incoming - Patch Notes, Release Time Revealed

Did not remove this functionality for doors though! Fixed issue where having a Doed on wander with harvesting disabled would cause it to burn through its stamina and food. Fixed Argent not being able to pick up Titanoboa and Arthropleura. Fixed tamed Ichthyosaur from swimming in circles during battles or around corpses. Fixed issue where tamed Mantas would swim off in one direction during a fight. Fixed dinos and players grouping together and getting stuck in a ball when teleporting to the boss arenas.

Fixed issue where eels would push the player out of the water. Fixed issue that caused structures on platform saddles to be placed at odd angles.

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Fixed issue where certain gloves would cover the players mini-map. Fixed an area of the map where the player could stand underwater and but no water volume was present. Fixed issue where the Quetzal mesh poly count was reduced accidentally. Fixed two infinite weight exploits.

ARK update 264 released with Ragnarok update, full Patch Note

Fixed the Alpha Tuso so it no longer ejects the rider off their creature when their mount is attacked. Fixed issue where when a mount was caught by the Tuso and the Tuso pushed it under the mesh, the mount would teleport inside the Tuso and become stuck. Fixed issue where the Tuso would keep performing it’s crushing attack even if the player escaped. Fixed issue where Explorer Notes were moved around to incorrect locations. Fixed issue where Megalosaurus was not properly dismounting passengers.

Fixed issue where pipes were preventing the greenhouse effect. Fixed issue in Primitive Plus where supply drops were not present. Fixed issue where the improper coal was harvestable in Primitive Plus. Fixed spelling of Hesperornis Egg. Fixed issue where underwater mines would explode when being demolished. Fixed engrams not displaying in the correct order. Fixed issue where tames would not attack Trilobites. Fixed issue where Rex, Titanosaur, and Titanoboa were not swimming at the surface of the water. Fixed issue where gloves were being distorted while riding tames.

Fixed several twitching animation issues with legacy dinos. Fixed multiple map LODs to look better on low viewing distance. Added proper Procoptodon saddle icon. Added proper Basilo saddle icon. Prevented multiple floors from being built underneath rafts and platform saddles. Slingshot does 25% less torpor per hit. Spear impact volume increased by 20%. Decreased pelt and hide harvesting by the Direwolf (still 15% better than other carnivores, minus Saber). Increased the speed of crop growth and the beer barrel in singleplayer when using ‘Singleplayer Settings’.

Doubled the rate of oil and element consumption in singleplayer only on the gas generator and tek generator. The cost of gasoline in singleplayer has been increased to 6 oil and 5 hide for 5 gasoline. Artifact respawn timer set to 30 minutes in singleplayer. Allowed Trophy Wall-Mount and Base to be paintable.

Fixed flyers you can base on from consuming more food that intended. You can now fish while on a Pelagornis. Potential fix for dinos being able to give and take damage through walls. Ragnarok singleplayer data has moved. Within this folder, move your Ragnarok save file and player data (LocalPlayer. Arkprofile) in SavedArksLocal into it's own Ragnarok folder (the folder will be created once you load Ragnarok again for the first time since the patch). Fixed some baby dinos eating more in stasis than intended.

Changelog Patch Notes

Updated Localizations, thank you brilliant translators! Fixed an issue where the ARK Data tab wasn't correctly showing in Supply Crates for clients on Dedicated Servers. In Single Player and Non Dedicated, you will need to use an Obelisk.

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Fixed the ATV Engram being visible and craftable on Dedicated Servers. You can still spawn them in, or add it manually, or via being Alpha Ascended in Single Player. New Item: Tek Tapejara Saddle! New Skill: Crafting Skill! Crafting Skill increases crafted blueprint quality by up to a 33% multiplier on bonus stats for 100 points into Crafting Skill. The item then displays your name and your tribe name and indicates what percent bonus you received when crafting. It still increases the rate at which you can craft items, as well as grants higher stat benefits from cooking custom recipes. New Feature: Corpse Locator!

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Upon death, a beam of light shoots into the sky to help the player locate where they died. Enabled on Official Servers by default. Add bUseCorpseLocator=true to your Game.

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Ini for server use. New Host Option: Disable Structure Placement Collision! Unofficial Servers and single-players can enable this feature to allow them to place structures that clip into terrain. Add bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true to your Game. Ini for server use. New Host Option: Use Singleplayer Settings! When enabled, this edits all game settings to be more balanced for an individual player experience.

Add bUseSingleplayerSettings=true to your Game. Ini for server use. This is automatically enabled for Non Dedicated servers too, you can disable it in your host menu settings, or set the ini to false. New Host Option: Fast Decay! Enable this option for a fixed constant decay period for "Fast Decay" structures (such as pillars or lone foundations). Add FastDecayInterval (default is 43200) to your Game. Ini for server use.

New kill, death, speech, and talking icons added. Implemented hibernation from console to PC, which introduces over 500MB saved in memory for spawning dinos. Fixed graphical issue with crops appearing massive.

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Fixed player ragdolls becoming malformed when falling from great heights. Fixed player getting stuck in rocks/trees/structures when logging out in single player. Fixed dino spawning issues in single player that caused over-spawning of certain creatures over time and issue where spawns were becoming depopulated. Fixed single player settings via the slider from resetting. Fixed BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier setting via the host menu. Fixed traps not working after a game/server restart (bear traps, species Y traps, narcotic traps, alarms).

Fixed various lighting issues on The Island and The Center. Fixed low landscape LODs on both the Center and the Island when using low viewing distance (certain landscape will stream in better quality from further away, e. Skull island on the Center). Improved war paint on female model around the hairline.

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Fixed issue where player appeared to be floating above the saddle when boarding a dino while crouching. Fixed electrical cables appearing unpowered when reloading a single-player game.