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Oct 2016 - 3 minСмотри Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 CRACK CPY - 100% Рабочий просмотров видео 195. Release name (Crack by): Pro.

Can tell me someone if does works another patch with the crack? When you copy files from “Crack” folder, you should copy all three files (CPY. DO NOT make the stupid mistake as I did, only copy-pasting the two files with *.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 CPY Crack Free Download

When I start the game I have a white screen! Yet I put the udp in 0000 but its not working, what do I do? (it’s normal the crack prevents the game to connect to the game server. It’s the newest Crack Fix from CPY is for PES 2017 version 1. You need to add the game exe and settings. Unable to communicate through UDP port 0. You may need to connect your hardware directlv to the internet or correctly configure networking devices such as your router. Apply DMZ, Port Mapping, NAT Table Configurations and other router settings to your PC system. Individual hardware systems may use unique terminology.

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I read the comments above and mostly the user facing same issues here. Online never work for pc version currently. In the game settings under the SPECIFICATIONS tab, the game says its running on intel HD graphics. How do i switch it to use my nvdia gpu? When i play on training session it will error and the PES2017 has stoped working. Can you fix it bro.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 PC Game Cracked Download

Sadly it doesn’t work, i’ve this error: “the access to graphic hardware by the application was blocked”. Hey, im having a problem when im in the game, everytime im in a match it keeps lagging, it skips for a few seconds and runs back to normal and then again everytime i play a match, how can I fix this, I already put my Nvidia GPU in performance and still the same, please any ideas? When you play master league mode the game breaks down when you reach the january transfer window! Can you make a fix for that like the training mode? Why again the same?

Wrong teams names and many teams on europe missing. Then they wonder why many ppl turning to play fifa year after year. Even if u buy the official cd it will be like this? With wrong names in teams? Because PES franchise doesn’t have license to all teams (just a few). FIFA owns all of them. That’s why you should edit those by yourself in gameor waiting for the patch that fix all of them. You need to add the game exe and settings. Exe and game exe to my nvidia 960 high performance option, but it didn’t fix (white screen with game sounds). The blank screen was generated, in my case, by a compatibility issue between my NVIDIA 960 and my HDMI cable.

After removing HDMI cable solved, PES2017 loads now correctly. Hey maurizio, i bet u are italian like me, and i have a 960 too. When i cracked the downloaded game, my game crashed after loading data screen, and said pes stopped working bla bla bla. I solved put 0 and uncheck auto box. Today i had 20 euro to waste and i bought a key of pes 2017 on steam. I have same problem like cracked game. It crashes there unless i put 0 udp port, but thisway i cant go online. And i bought the game for that reason. I opened udp port on firewall, on router page.

I spent 2 hours and couldnt fix. Tomorrow i’ll format pc, but u have any idea? In Master League, my saved tactics always go to default ones after i load them. I load them, get to the match screen and the formation, line-up, tactical changes, everything reverts to default. Hope to release a better crack! After launch the game, sound not working. I did not hear nothing. I am not getting connected to servers because of code fddn532 and after seing the comments I then changed the port to 0000 (it gets changed to 0 automatically after doing OK) and then when i open the game there is a different error fddn540.

Hi, my game still lags when im playing, any idea why? Pls i tried to activate the live update after loading the game, but it keeps on telling me FDDN540 error. Pls do i need to get an additional file or whatpls help cos i really need that update. My PES 2017 is a cracked version, which means cant play anything related to “online”. Will this crack fix it?

Install Visual C++ and all software essential in this tutorial after that restart your PC, and please make sure you install vc_redist x86 and x64 (Visual C++) even if you have a 64 bit system install both of them. My pes2017 is working, but I can’t get the updated tem. My team is still the same as before i put the cracked fix to the folder of pes2017. To adjust the resolution go to the installation folder. Hi skids it s always the same but this time it says adjust your connection routers.

PES 2017 Crack Full PC Game Download CPY-CRACKED

Sorry about thatcuz i installed battlefield 1 without any problems. So i thought it wud be easy to install this one as well. Sorry once againand please keep up the gud workand stay positive!

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I tried installing daemon tools. It did get installed but wont run shows initialisation errorso i tried an alternative to daemon tools(power iso) which just like winzip only extracted the bin files and left the setup. Exe untouchedso can u guide me since i dont know what to do anymore(btw i read all the instructions and still cudnt get to the installation part)ure help will be highly appreciated! Exe file, stop working error appear. Blackbox is a compressed version of a full game, with some adjustments like removing hi-res textures if need be or reducing the audio bitrate perhaps. If a game does not have a DLC like in football games, then installing the blackbox version saves the download time and data as well if has limited internet connectivity.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Cracked PC Game Full Unlocked

I am going to download this one now, since Fifa17 it seems is uncrackable atm. Thank you dear admin for providing the games steadily. Hi everyone i spent hours and hours of nonstop search but can’t figure this out. How to update all teams to latest transfers and latest player stats.

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Is there some kind of patch or something? Dear Admin, In the blackbox version of the game the Camera settings in game seems stripped. Then I can download the CPY version. I tried everything but I there is no menu option to change the camera in game.

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I checked various videos there is camera menu that comes in game. It is difficult to play in the default camera angel. Dear admin, Game crushes in Master League mode, at the 4th season. Is avaible any fix for this crush? You rock, but I’m kinda having a problem that whenever I score a goal in PES 2017 an error occurs that says PES 2017 stopped working. Tutorial: How to download: megadownloader, uploaded, uptobox.

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Tutorial: How to install, Extract, Crack the game. DLL, CRC, STEAM open, 0xc00007b, d3dx.

Net - Download Free PC Games Cracked full and complete game & repack from Mega, Uptobox, 1fichier, Turbobit, Uploaded, Zippyshare, torrent, Rapidgator, Owndrives, Filecloud, Userscloud, Google Drives. Crack by scene team RELOADED, FLT, HI2U, BAT, CPY, PLAZA, SKIDROW, CODEX. Вышел долгожданный Crack для официального патча версии 1. Игры PES 2018, дополнение, которое Konami выпустило еще 16 ноября 2017 года. Второе официальное дополнение для игры Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 уже доступно на нашем сайте и уже сейчас можно обновиться до версии 2. Кто уже успел обновить игру от 16 ноября 2017 года могут увидеть следующие изменения как в игре, так и в плане графики.

Включает в себя совершенно новые стадионы, которых ранее не было в этих сериях PES, новые лицензированные национальные сборные, команды и многое другое. В первую очередь хотели бы поздравить всех поклонников лондонского Арсенала, благодаря данному обновлению, теперь в игре появится домашний стадион Эмирейтс (Emirates), а также домашняя арена футбольного клуба Club Universidad de Chile, национальный стадион «Хулио Мартинес Праданос» (Estadio Nacional de Chile). Более подробно можно почитать на этой.

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WinPes — официальное сообщество русскоязычных фанатов серии PES. Сайт имеет большую базу данных, новости, файлы, которые полностью направлены на развитие всей эко системы Pro Evolution Soccer. Весь материал на сайте распространяется почти бесплатно, скачать можно любые файлы и дополнения, все они представлены в ознакомительных целях. Вашему вниманию, откорректированная версия мода 1. От Konami, для футбольного симулятора Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Для тех, кто играет на пиратке. Всё отлично работает, тестировалось на разных патчах.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 PES 2017 Crack (2016RUSENGCrack-Fix by CPY)

Скопировать все файлы в папку установленной игры. Copyright © 2001-2018Все права защищены законодательством РФ. Использование материалов сайта возможно только с прямой ссылкой на источник. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 on PC-you’s reaction to Konami for FIFA 17. The Japanese distributer is not approved football association FIFA, so the lion’s offer of players and clubs work under nonexistent names, notwithstanding the way that the planners have endeavored to unequivocally reproduce the nearness of the players would not be an issue with the investigation of minor and genuine football stars on the pitch.