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These documents are password protected themselves, but if they're anything like "protected" PDFs, they're pretty easy to crack. Установка не требуется, а запущенные процессы вместе с сервером активации почти не занимают ресурсов «железа».


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IyaZhYIZZK KgZyaYIKZZZK ZyaKZPi i KKZPi RlhKYIZPya hRYIhZhZPg P yayaYIhYI. PzK PyayaKhYIZPK hgRZYIK, h lhzPZyaYI hZhzKZZZ, lh YIh YIZKFi P hyaK KzP Zhhg yaPPYIKyai. T KF ZPPZ lhKya, P gh ZhgP hFhb. Tyai PZhZFGPi Z yayaK PFKK hRZghFPKZZya ZgKZ. PK PyahRyaK ZZb PZhZFGPb i yaFhKKZPi. Microsoft Word 2013 crack is the world’s most used an application without including web browsers. It is a member of the Microsoft Office package, but I can also be bought as a software without having to buy the full package from the Microsoft web store.

Microsoft developers release a new version of Microsoft Word from the initial Ms. In most cases, the focus of the Microsoft has been to update and enhance the existing features. Only a few new features are included in their new releases.

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Word 2013, has retained most of the features in the previous version as well as building on them. However, there are new features that come with this Word version. When launching the application, the user is presented with an option to have a look at “what is new? List that consists of improvements and new additions available on Ms Word 2013. Upon the most celebrated and new features, is the ability to convert PDFs into documents to enable editing. The ribbon on Word 2010 is still in place but more improved so that the user can customize and collapse the ribbon. The application gives the user a chance to use the read mode option, which hides the ribbon to create more space for document viewing.

The file menu has now been customized to include less details that give the user a clean and clear view. The user can also be able to save and load documents from SkyDrive. The sharing of a document has been made easier with more advanced comment feature. With Word 2013, comments can be added to a previous comment in the same document, as well as collapse the comment box. Exe application file; available for purchase as a digital media on Microsoft App store.

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Ability to save and retrieve documents on SkyDrive. How to Install and Use? Upon obtaining a Microsoft Office package, run the setup. Exe file and follow the onscreen steps to complete an installation. From the start menu, click on the Microsoft Office and run Microsoft Office Word 2013. The application will launch with an interactive Metro User Interface where you will be asked to view the new features of Word 2013.

Your email address will not be published. So you recently took over a project and as the new lead you need to change some content in a key process document. Anyway, I realize that there are a number of reasons why you need to break read-only protection on a word doc.

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So before we start, please note that I take zero responsibility for these instructions. You are the master of your own actions and by proceeding, you take full responsibility of your own actions. Alright, lets crack some Word passwords! Before you start, CREATE A BACKUP FILE OF YOUR DOCUMENT! This guide covers the process of breaking the password for read-only or edit protection. If the document is encrypted, This isn’t the guide for you.

This will only work with “. So, if your document is saved as a 97/2003 document, click file>save-as to a word 2007, 2010 (.

By default, file extensions are hidden for common document types. You will need to change your folder settings to show file extensions. UPDATE 02/25/2014: If you are using WinRAR: Open WinRAR, select menu File>Open Archive.

Change the file type filter at the bottom to all files. Docx file and click Open. Once you can see the file extension of your Word Document, change the file extension from. Zip – during this process, you will get a warning that you are changing the extension. Using WinZip, WinRar, or the built in compress/decompress utility, decompress the file into its own folder. Open the main folder of the document>Word(folder) and locate the settings. Open this file in a text editor such as notepad. My favorite editor for Windows is Notepad++.

What ever editor you decide to use, you must use a TEXT editor. Not Word, or Wordpad or MS Works – notepad is always available if you need a default. This method seems to be the most effective and removes password protection completely. UPDATE: 03/26/2014 – Delete the entire line as formatted like the example above. W:documentProtection” through the end “/>” after w:salt. Save your file and move to Step 4. Only attempt this if method #1 was unsuccessful. This article was originally written based on success breaking password protection on.

Docx files created in Word 2010. I recently applied these steps to a. Docx created in Word 2013 and was experiencing some issues getting the password to change based on the hash values below. Be sure to try method #1 first. After editing, save the document. Although the default Windows file compression tool will work just fine, Winzip and WinRar are great for this task. Compress all files and folders back into an archive folder. MAKE SURE YOUR ARCHIVE IS IDENTICAL TO THE ORIGINAL – NOT FOLLOWING THIS WILL MAKE IT FAIL.

Docx file in WinRar without changing the extension to.

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Zip: Save your changes and move to step 5. Your document should be free of password protection. Please comment if you get stuck, find an improvement or have a suggestion. I tried to follow the steps, but in step #2 when I extract the file I get several extension-less files, none of them is named “settings. Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you in advance. The file encryption is the problem. This work-around only addresses unencrypted. Docx files that are password protected for editing.

Depending on password complexity, most encrypted. Docx documents can take a long time to decrypt. I have read estimates of into the thousands of years.

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This is because of the enterprise strength AES encryption used. When I reassembled, I had to assume that all of the files from all of the extracted folders should be put back together into ONE archive folder and the zipped? It did this and the file opened up again ok, but the password does not remove the editing protection. Have checked over and over that I have have replaced just as you said.

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Any ideas why it is not working? I added a fix that I found while testing this method against Word 2013 files. Instead of changing the hash and salt, change w:enforcement=”1″ to w:enforcement=”0″. Please let me know if that works. Even tried it with a normal (non protected file) and it will not reopen in word as it just say that it is corrupted. I presume I am reassembling incorrectly – anyone help? On the non protected file. Change to docx, change to zip, extract using winrar, open (but no changes) to the setting file, close again, use win rar to create archive (by selecting the folders and file that it created when extracting, change rar back to.

I even tried it by chaning the. Docx to,rar at the start (as I thought maybe the rar-zip thing was the issue. Still just says ‘corrupted’. I had been working on some password-protected documents for ages but after a break from the job suddenly I found the software telling me I was using the wrong password, even though I was sure I had it correct. Anyway, I cracked it using your method. I’ve never done anything like this before!

Thanks for your instructions. Word found unreadable content in. Do you want to recover the contents of this document? Which I did, and it opened without further drama.

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I suspect I didn’t re-zip/archive it properly, but I still got it open. On visual comparison, the content is all there.